NAFTC Africa participates in Climate Smart Agriculture Seminar, The Hague

On 7 - 8 December, The Hague - NAFTC Africa & NAFTC Middle-East participated in the "Climate Smart Agriculture Seminar" in The Hague. The event was organised by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Cairo, Egypt.

Practical Dutch Solutions were presented and evaluated on basic as well as high-tech level in an entrepreneurial setting with market-oriented focus. Presentations and Presenters included:

Mr. Ate Oostra, President Metropolitan Food Security Platform (MFS),

Mr. Volco de Jongh, Global Gas Networks Initiatives (GGNI),

Mr. Wouter de Heij, GMV-FME and TOP

Mr. Koen Verberne, Waterwatch Cooperative,

Dr. Frank Maas, Clootwijck Beheer

Mr. Jan Hak, NAFTC-Africa/Middle-East and QuaTerNes Group

Topics and insights covered a wide range of challenges to the world as well as local food security and land development issues.

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