Lecture at 'Space for AgriFood' Event, The Hague

7 June 2017 - Today, our Mr. Hak took the floor at the event 'Investing in Space for AgriFood' which was co-organised by the WaterWatchCooperative (www.waterwatchcooperative.com) and provided a lecture on 'Opportunities in AgriFood'. The event was a sattelite event of the European Development Days on the 7th and 8th of June 2017 in Brussels. Investing in Space and AgriFood was organized to explore the opportunities in the Netherlands and Europe to invest in the emerging sector of data and information services in the AgriFood sector. In recent years, new technologies in the field of earth observation have shown the enormous potential of cretaing impact in this sector. By providing timely information about weather conditions, pest and diseases, crop monitoring and water productivity, farmers worldwide can achieve higher yields with fewer inputs of water and pesticides. Via this link, the PPT of Jan Hak can be accessed. The full report of the meeting can be accessed here.

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