Delegation from Mauritius looking for cooperation with SANEC-NAFTC

The Hague - This week, an incoming delegation from The Republic of Mauritius focused on establishing a permanent representation structure to market Mauritius as a trade, business and Investment hub for the Dutch business Community at the SANEC-NAFTC WTC office.

The organization named Mauritius Enterprise accompanied by their CEO Mr. Ashvind Radahkrishna, are looking for collaborative partnership with SANEC-NAFTC to stimulate trade, investments and other forms of cooperation between The Netherlands -as a gateway to Europe- and the stable, flourishing Island Mauritius. The cooperation aims to sustain and create a bridge towards African and Asian interests.

Agro, Food & Technology will be amongst the most important fields of attention, with a keen focus on innovation and start-ups for added value creation, value-chain integration and logistics. Urban (metropolitan) food security and land development will be priority topics as per The Government of Mauritius 2030 Vision.

Other key-areas of special interest include: Tourism, Port and Corridor Development, natural textiles & design, aquaculture and post-harvest development.

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