NAFTC AFRICA Safeguards food security

Almkerk 20 January 2017 – NAFTC Africa was launched in 2013 to safeguard food security with Dutch produce and technology in all of Africa. NAFTC is a worldwide initiative with localised semi-official status in the ‘golden triangle’ (business, R&D institutions & government). NAFTC-Africa follows a strong cooperation agreement with SANEC whereby there is a special focus on the SADC (Southern African) countries. NAFTC-Africa aims to facilitate business-led generation and business development for Dutch organisations and enterprises in the agro-food value chains.

NAFTC offices are private initiatives, driven to facilitate Dutch agribusiness in the agro & food supply chains in getting market access, generating leads, business development and doing business in the countries of establishment. In the name of associated companies, the offices apply for support at RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) or other authorities and organisations to financially co-cover costs of activities organized for these companies.

The strength of local NAFTC offices is based on a joint commitment and Holland branding, as well as on offering an integrated chain approach in close co-operation with other Dutch initiatives and the Agriculture Department of the Embassies involved.

Read more in the full article (PDF)

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