NAFTC leading reconnaissance mission to Egypt

Following October's visit to Egypt, NAFTC Africa - Middle East was granted by the Royal Dutch Embassy in Cairo with the task to coordinate a reconnaissance mission to study the agricultural and business development possibilities (and locations) for 100.000 feddan. Aim is to improve Egypt's food security situation and modernise its food processing industries.

The reconnaissance mission took place in December and its delegates returned with their findings on December 23th.

The delegates included:

  • Mr. Jan Hak, Founder & CEO, QuaTerNes Group and Clootwijck Beheer BV, Chairman NAFTC Africa and Middle East

  • Mr. Nico de Groot, Representative Green Farming

  • Mr. Harm Maters, Chairman, AVAG

  • Mr. Anne Elings, Researcher & Project Leader Greenhouse Horticulture, Wageningen University & Research

  • Mr. Peter Verbaas, Deputy Director, Frugi Venta

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