NAFTC offices are private initiatives, driven to facilitate Dutch agribusiness in the agro & food supply chains in getting market access, generating leads, business development and doing business in the countries of establishment. In the name of associated companies, the offices apply for support at RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) or other authorities and organisations in the Netherlands, to financially co-cover costs of activities organized for these companies.

The strength of local NAFTC offices is based on a joint commitment and Holland branding, as well as on offering an integrated chain approach in close co-operation with other Dutch initiatives and the Agriculture Department of the Embassies involved.

The Netherlands is one of world’s leading countries in agriculture, horticulture, food processing and agro/food technology. Agricultural trade is one of the pillars of the Dutch economy. Our leading position needs a strong public/private network to maintain our 2nd position worldwide in agriculture exports and our 3rd position in systems and technology. “Agri & Food”, "Horticulture and Primary Products" as well as "Logistics" have been designated three of nine top priority sectors by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. At the same time, Dutch experience and knowhow also greatly contributes to solving Food Security Challenges worldwide, especially where food, water and energy sources are not equally divided. Hence NAFTC's intensive cooperation with "Metropolitan Food Security" and "Three4Life" organisations and members.


During his time as chairman of GMV,  Mr. Jan Hak successfully established the Netherlands Agro, Food & Technology Center (NAFTC) organisation with offices in China (2008) and India (2011) and the NAFTC-Africa Association (2013) for Africa including SADC countries. The latter following the strong cooperation agreement with SANEC, having joint offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The NAFTC Africa cooperation with "Metropolitan Food Security" was launched to safeguard food security with Dutch produce and technology in all of Africa.

NAFTC is a worldwide initiative with localised semi-official status in the ‘golden triangle’ (business, R&D institutions & government). NAFTC Africa aims to facilitate business, lead generation and business development for Dutch organisations and enterprises in the agro-food value chains (see its clusters).



NAFTC AFRICA operates several offices located in four regions: Southern Africa (2 offices), Eastern Africa (2 offices), Western Africa (2 offices) and Northern Africa (1 office). Each local office operates under the brand name Netherlands Agro, Food & Technology Centre (NAFTC) and is governed by NAFTC Africa foundation in the Netherlands. Besides the China, India, Vietnam and Middle East offices, similar offices will be launched in cooperation with Dutch members in the near future, (Central Asia, Northern, Middle & Southern America etc.)

The offices cover several sectors of the agro & food supply chain, offering an integrated approach for doing and developing business in their designated territory. Within NAFTC Africa, on demand of members several sector centres are or will be established to facilitate specific clusters of companies and organize activities in the specific regions.



Interested Dutch companies and knowledge institutes can become ‘member’ of the NAFTC Africa Association, and use the offices’ services. The offices support and promote businesses both individually and collectively. Membership is open to all Dutch or Netherlands-based/affiliated companies in the total agro, food and technology-supply chain.

Actively involved in agriculture food processing and/or related technology and interested in opportunities in Africa? Please contact our office for more information on joining NAFTC Africa



NAFTC Africa covers several sectors of the agro & food supply chain, offering an integrated approach for doing and developing business.  There will be a special focus on the following sectors:

  • Fresh Horticulture Produce chain

  • Red meat chain

  • Poultry chain

  • Dairy chain (Orange Dairy)

  • Precision Agriculture Center

  • Potato-Field Poduce chain (Orange Potato)

  • Fruit chain

  • Beverages and Wine

  • Food processing and technology

  • Storage and Agrologistics

  • Education and R&D

  • Others (bio based, bakery, etc.)


Our Board

Ate Oostra
President Advisory Board
Rachel Tocklu
Board Member
Jan Hak
Mark Agterdenbosch
Board Member (Secretary)
Ate Oostra
President Advisory Board

Our Board

Advisory Board

Solange Domaye 
Advisor to the Board