Business Development Netherlands - Africa
The Netherlands is the World's second largest exporter of agri-food products and
third largest exporter of agri, horti and food technology and equipment:
A sustainable source of healthy, safe food and a major contributor to World Food Security.


Market Entry in Africa

Business Support and Networking

Trade and Investment promotion

Programme Cluster Management



Our dedicated projects are supported by our members and relevant partner organisations as well as Dutch government for:

Fair Participation, Incoming and Outgoing Missions Organisation, Country and Sector Studies.


Our members define what we do. We are there to assist them in their business and network development  between The Netherlands and Africa, in the widest sense.

Members are positioned individually or in consortia in the African market.


The Netherlands Agro Food & Technology Centers (NAFTC-Africa) is launched aiming to facilitate business, lead generation and business development for Dutch enterprises and organisations in the agro-food value chains in Africa.

NAFTC is a worldwide initiative with localised semi-official status in the ‘golden triangle’ (business, R&D institutions & government). For NAFTC Africa, 4 divisions are established: Northern, Western, Eastern and Southern Africa. For Easthern Africa, Teampro and for Southern Africa SANEC are the operational manager. 



NAFTC South Africa


NAFTC Southern Africa
(SADC countries)


NAFTC East Africa 
(Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Somali-Land)

Nairobi, KENYA     

NAFTC East Africa 
(Ethiopia and South Sudan)

Addis Abeba, ETHIOPIA

NAFTC Africa

(head office)

Woudrichemseweg 36A

4286 LB  Almkerk

The Netherlands

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